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Stayin' Alive

2017-09-24 00:50:25 by aggimajera

To those whom have stuck around here or as a subscriber to me, much appreciated. Then again I'm no celebrity so I can't expect I'm even missed. But I digress. I'm still alive but I've been absent due to obligations that derive elsewhere. I'm glad to see most everyone is still vehemently posting creative work!

I've seen some incredible sights and met some amazing people here in the Pacific. Once everything is wrapped up I'll likely write a journal here for anyone to read who is interested.

I'm still drawing on my spare time (when I'm not studying anything pertaining to my job). And more interesting is that I've written and am in the process of finishing my story idea. It's ambitious because of where I want it to go. I'll tell you of that too.

More to come!

(BTW my shirt was put to print!)4595397_150622847783_IMG_4979.jpg




Holy Crap

2017-03-28 20:53:47 by aggimajera

I just got called on to design a new emblem for memorabilia. Naturally the progression in the USMC goes as follows: team (4 marines), squad (3 teams), platoon (3 squads), company (3 platoons), battalion (3 companies), regiment (3 battalions), division (3 regiments).

I'm designing an emblem that covers the 3rd Marine Division plus the 4th Marine Regiment. Based off of my work for Charlie Company, I was chosen by the higher ups to basically skip battalion and regiment and go straight to division.

So yeah.
F***in' sweet.

So there I was... random dude with a rifle in the middle of the desert hatin' life. This random dude decided to draw some sh** in a binder paper notebook because why not. We head back to base camp and I keep drawing, someone notices me drawing, word gets passed up all the way to the top of my company next thing you know "Aguilera! You're drawing the Company T-shirt designs! Get to it!"

So here you go! The front and back logo's for a T-Shirt to be worn by all of my current company. 4 Platoon of guys will be rockin' these puppies, designed by me.

I haven't uploaded anything recently because I've been working on these to accomade my Chain of Commands requests. They caught me drawing pictures out in the Mojave Desert and picked my to draw the Company t-shirt. All because little ol' Aguilera was drawing while he was bored in the desert.

Anyway, I'll resume my regular drawing schedule soon. God I can't wait to see these in person!4595397_148859215641_Designs.png

My question to any voice actor here who see's this and actually takes a moment to respond. If you did then my thanks to you!

I'm still drawing a lot on my spare time. But sometimes I find myself messing around with voices and audio files. I decided that maybe I want to give voice acting a small try on Newgrounds, hopefully get an oppurtunity to voice in some videos!

My question is this: any suggestions on how I begin? What should I provide in a demo reel that might up my chances of a video maker looking at me?

Any and all advice is appreciated!

Personal Journal for Me

2016-10-06 05:00:24 by aggimajera

A while back I entered animation class in an attempt to learn more about the art and actively engage in a class I felt genuinely drawn to. While I was in there I met a girl who was an impressionably talented artist. Her work was truly stellar. So stellar in fact that I requested a commission of of her to draw a character of mine. I offered to pay her. She agreed. However, her backlog was packed and although I had gotten to know her, she couldn't back out of previous engagements. Of course, I understood.

Then a thought crossed my brain: why the f*** am I asking another person to draw something that I created? Why not just work on my own drawing skills? Then I don't need to ask permission or request commissions from anybody. I just need to think of it. Then the only limit was my own skill.

So I worked ever since to improve my drawing skills. To elevate my game.
And it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

I look at some things I made in recent weeks and compare it to where I was a year ago. Back when I made Crestfallen. And the difference is night and day. My decisions to learn anatomy and the contours of the human body took my people drawing skills on a plane I could have only dreamed of making a few years ago.

It gives me hope for the future. I look at other artists and again find myself impressed by so many works. And I know that if I continue to push myself, I can enter a new league. And its only up from there.

Random late night f***ing though. I'm tired, but happy with the piece I'm making and just thought I'd share some egotistical thoughs. Night anyone who reads this!

New Setting for Me

2016-07-27 03:47:10 by aggimajera

Still kickin' it with the Marines.

I ended up graduating the School of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion a couple weeks ago and have earned the title of Rifleman. I got stationed in Hawaii with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines and am going to receive further training from my peers who have been in for a while to improve my skill set. There's that!

As for art, I'm still at it! Made a new piece a few days ago to keep my anatomy knowledge fresh in "The Snake Trainer." Once I get further settled in I'll get my computer shipped out here so I can resume drawing and animating. For now I'm confined to pencil, pen, and paper. But I'll manage!

Anyway, aloha and Semper Fidelis.


Made it. Oohrah.

2016-04-24 04:23:10 by aggimajera

Made it through recruit training at MCRD San Diego and Camp Pendleton and made it up "The Reaper" with my main pack of 75+ pounds of gear. I am officially an Active duty Regular United States Marine .

I'm back for 10 days of leave to recuperate and get my sh** together at home. During that time here I'll post the Crestfallen: The Leopards Frontier poster I was working on before I left 3 months ago and will post a couple drawings I made during boot camp. Nothing major.

As time goes on in the fleet I plan to find time to animate a trailer for a hypothetical animated feature about "The Chosin Reservoir", a forgotten battle of the Korean War.

Anyway, take it easy ladies and gents!

My shipment date for the United States Marine Corps. is January 25th. That means that 2 weeks from today, I'm going to step onto a plane and disappear for 3 straight months. After that, I'm going to be away and present alternatively for periods of time unknown to me for approx. 4 years.

However, that does not mean I'm going to disappear for 4 years. Expect new pieces of art from me during those 4 years. I have every intention of getting back on the ball towards an animation career upon my exit and cannot afford to let my drawing hand get rusty. This right here is just something that I had to do to grow into the man I'm comfortable being.

Enjoy your evening!

No More Videos from Me. USMC.

2015-08-26 14:35:05 by aggimajera

So I took a turn in my life that I had to take. One I've had the need to do for a long time. I made a couple videos and proved to myself I am capable of making okay ones. But I've always felt a bit hollow in that pursuit. Mainly because I have not lived fully yet. I haven't experienced what life and the Earth have to offer. And if I never live myself... then whats the point? How could I ever convey life mysteries and messages if I don't even know them myself? If I haven't lived, what the hell am I? What kind of position does that put me in to be preaching and telling stories of others' struggle when I barely struggled myself?

One of the many things I want to do is visit the Caucasus region. I want to visit Pacific islands. I want to go to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Aguas Calientes. I want to experience different cultures, different places... If I stay in front of a computer for my youth, then I will not look back on my life fondly. I want to experience something different. I made a hard call thats going to no doubt upset my family. But if I do not make this call, it will be a deathbed regret.

I joined the United States Marine Corps. I have taken the ASVAB and the physical. I passed comfortably.This is the first step towards becoming the man I hope to be someday. I am scheduled to swear in next week. I will recieve my shipment date. May not be for a bit, but I will wait it out.

In regards to animation... this will be a true test to discover whether this art form is something I can see myself doing for a long time. When I get out and the art form remains something I want to pursue, I will resume this path with a vigorous and renewed sense of purpose. If I do... then I believe I will be unique in a sense. But it's not about uniqueness. Its mostly to develop my own heightened sense of identity and prove to myself that I can take what the world has to throw at me. And the USMC is the toughest branch of our armed forces. I genuinely hope at the end of my contract I will still want to animate.

I love animation and I love Newgrounds. I fully intend to revisit this website and watch all the wonderful creations the community offers for entertainment. You all keep creating and entertaining and bringing your visions of life to the screen. When I complete my service, I hope I may join you again and do the same.

The Probable Plan

2015-04-21 21:49:09 by aggimajera

I'm probably going to stop with animation and art for an indefinite period of time after I finish this video. I'm going to be thinking more on this as the coming months go on.