Entry #50

Stayin' Alive

2017-09-24 00:50:25 by aggimajera

To those whom have stuck around here or as a subscriber to me, much appreciated. Then again I'm no celebrity so I can't expect I'm even missed. But I digress. I'm still alive but I've been absent due to obligations that derive elsewhere. I'm glad to see most everyone is still vehemently posting creative work!

I've seen some incredible sights and met some amazing people here in the Pacific. Once everything is wrapped up I'll likely write a journal here for anyone to read who is interested.

I'm still drawing on my spare time (when I'm not studying anything pertaining to my job). And more interesting is that I've written and am in the process of finishing my story idea. It's ambitious because of where I want it to go. I'll tell you of that too.

More to come!

(BTW my shirt was put to print!)4595397_150622847783_IMG_4979.jpg





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2017-09-24 02:40:19

Nice, are you in marines?

aggimajera responds:

I am. 1/3 3rd Mar Div.


2017-09-24 07:17:31

Sounds like you really enjoyed your experience out there in the big blue and it'll be swell to read about it first hand(and free,haha).Great to see that you still made the effort to visit ol'Newgrounds while on service,I salute you and thank you and your comrades for your service!

I hope you don't mind but your badass shirt made me put this song here:



2017-09-24 20:23:51

Sup bro keep it up!


2017-10-20 10:47:25

Huh, you've changed your username! To something a little more personal and mature, I guess?
Don't get me wrong "Overseer917" (orwhatthosenumberswere) were a testament to a great piece of work, that expanded and was elaborated many times, thus a testament to patience and endurance :)
What is in "aggimajera"?

aggimajera responds:

"aggimajera" is my nickname my buddies in the Marine Corps. gave me. I have no idea what it even means but I hear it more often than my real name.
I just thought I'd like it better as a username.