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Alrighty: few thoughts.
You most certainly have a particular style when it comes to feeling. The hopeful yet nihilistic feel of the sound design and color palette worked. And I could certainly see the pain in your main characters face as it became clearer what exactly was going down.

A few areas you can improve: for one the voice acting was rather off-putting. I can tell ti was no focal point of yours.

The facial expressions certainly worked, but one problem I felt was that her expression always seemed wide-eyed, even when things were picking up. There was no low point to make her enraged face seem anything other than normal.

And I personally found the cinematography lacked a certain flare. As in the angles and images were never really anything to write home about. The frames did little to paint a deeper picture. I found the colors sorta bland at times as well.

Overall, not bad.

So I give the animation two thumbs up. The mixing of 2D and 3D assets was at times fairly rough but overall the illusion of space was well executed. The 2D animation of the MC himself was actually pretty good. Bravo.

The audio had a fairly substantial amount of clipping, and during the dogfight the distortion in the audio was simply too much. Borderline distracting.

The story had a wonderful monologue. But the change in tempo had no real preliminary hint it would come to that and therefore seemed wildly out of place. I found it to be wildly different from what the opening seemed to be alluding to and personally found it not for the better.

Overall not bad. But you gotta work on pacing a bit. And audio.

The run cycle for her looked genuine, her facial animation was expressive, and the sound design was stellar. You actually spooked the hell out me. My one drawback is to get rid of that title card or shorten it.

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Still one of my favorite tunes on Newgrounds.

DanJohansen responds:

Glad it is still appreciated 4 years later

he build-up that you present here is, in my opinion, backwards. The high point, energetically, in the song actually starts off in the beginning. That said, the slow paced tension of the buildup afterwards never felt like it was unnaturally progressing. Its pace was slow and deliberate and it works. You make good music bro, I hope you keep at it.

Most definitely digging the Futuristic/Noir vibe your track takes on. Your mixing certainly seems on point. There's no part of this I can hear that needs feedback to improve. The only part that I personally didn't too much care for was that the lull at 3:28 didn't necessarily pave the way for anything that wowed my on the far end of the pause. Aside from that, I thought the track had a spectacular beat and overall fine balance of electronic instruments and the light touch of vocals. Good piece, buddy!
Sorry, I'm not the greatest at reviewing audio.

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For an image displaying a wartime scenario, this has to be one of the most serene images I've seen displaying the subject. Fireflies, twilight hours in an otherworldly place. Images like this are the sort of adventure and foreign settings men dream about.
I usually look for some sort of constructive criticism to give to other artists to help improve. You clearly need none.
Bravo. Simply bravo.

Acrylla responds:

Heartwarming comment, thanks! :)

You really want to draw good stuff for your boyfriend?
I have a suggestion that will improve your work dramatically. I highly, highly suggest you take some time and study anatomy. I understand you're drawing off of the style of anime. That is good. Anime is good. However, it is a style and not a starting point.
Drawing is a labor of love. You need to understand and respect reality. After that, you can stylize. After that, the rest is easy.
Trust me... I was there.

NyanaCreation responds:

Thanks for the advice and i will think about it. i already have made realistic stuff but i really want to draw this because i already know how to draw realistic (for the most part) but still thanks for the advice i will try to think of that ^_^

I dig her posture and the way you drew her facial expression. Her feminine attributes are well done as well. Overall, fantastic quality. Great work!

Trebuxet responds:

Thanks! Indeed she is a very feminine character :D

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