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Posted by aggimajera - January 11th, 2019

You want military Authenticity in your radio and/or military jargon? I'm your guy.

I'm pretty damn good when it comes to radio transmissions and jargon. I have had to practice and give dozens upon dozens of reports for the past 3 years ranging from simple radio checks all the way up to mortar and airstrikes (calling in mortars and machine guns is a goddamn blast!)

It comes as no offense to anyone who makes military related radio transmissions in videos and/or VA Demos but I find them all very much akin to samey Hollywood military talk. It focuses on the dramatic and not the authentic.

I only want to help people on this site who do that sort of dialogue but may perhaps want something a little more true to life. Otherwise, you keep on doing you.

See you soon!


Posted by aggimajera - December 25th, 2018

Will be delving out on casting calls relatively soon.



Posted by aggimajera - June 29th, 2018

So, this idea for this new video has been tossed around since I ended my original series back in 2013. I always felt it lacked a real ending. Yes, the way it ended was a way to wrap up Pedro's story and I'm happy with the entire project. But one aspect I always wanted to touch on was how his actions affected his surviving family. The only problems was that I never knew HOW. And I realize now, looking back, that I was not prepared to tell such a tale. Nor did I have the skills or dedication to do so in a newer, more superior way to Overseer. I didn't want to replicate my silhouette art style. I wanted to improve.

Hence, Crestfallen. It was my opourtunity to practice frame by frame animation. Admittedly, most of my time was spent experimenting with the software more than practicing animation. I learned animation fast and I was proud of my work. I wanted more. But more problems arose: I was not good at drawing people and I wasn't comfortable with myself for the life I lived. I was unfocused.

I took steps and fixed both problems. My people drawing skills have gotten much, much better and I am wrapping up military service. I've grown in personality, physicality, and in skill. I've found my identity as a man. And I know what kind of projects I want to make. And I know what to do to make them happen.

With all this, I was advised to revisit this story and come at it with my new perspective. And I'm glad I did. Because I now know what I want to say, how to say/show it, and how to sort of "end" my last story while making it its own standalone tale.

I'm currently in the preliminary stages, and am actively seeking out talent. I've found excellent people on Newgrounds to express interest to (though I won't do so until I have an animatic to show to show I'm dedicated). All I can show atm is this:


Will update. Still doing Marine Corps. stuff atm as well.


Posted by aggimajera - June 7th, 2018

My time in the Marine Corps is well over half complete and it has been one hectic thing after another the more leadership I take on. No big though, it’s what I do.


(Me with my pal Jon, Republic of Korea Marine Corps., me on right)

But it’s getting to the point I must think about the next step.

I fully intend for the next step to be in animation. For reasons my own, I’m not giving up on this venture.

As for projects, I have one major video in the pipeline. Applying all I know in animation, emotion, and utilizing concepts I have learned after years in the infantry, it will be the most difficult project I’ve ever undertaken in art. I will be hiring a crew to work with me. And if all goes well, it will pay off.

All I can divulge at the moment is that it will be a single self-containing story that puts a bow on my series Overseer. After years, I’ve finally figured out how to end it.

Hope to have more information soon.

Again, apologies for my absence.


Posted by aggimajera - September 24th, 2017

To those whom have stuck around here or as a subscriber to me, much appreciated. Then again I'm no celebrity so I can't expect I'm even missed. But I digress. I'm still alive but I've been absent due to obligations that derive elsewhere. I'm glad to see most everyone is still vehemently posting creative work!

I've seen some incredible sights and met some amazing people here in the Pacific. Once everything is wrapped up I'll likely write a journal here for anyone to read who is interested.

I'm still drawing on my spare time (when I'm not studying anything pertaining to my job). And more interesting is that I've written and am in the process of finishing my story idea. It's ambitious because of where I want it to go. I'll tell you of that too.

More to come!

(BTW my shirt was put to print!)4595397_150622847783_IMG_4979.jpg





Posted by aggimajera - March 28th, 2017

I just got called on to design a new emblem for memorabilia. Naturally the progression in the USMC goes as follows: team (4 marines), squad (3 teams), platoon (3 squads), company (3 platoons), battalion (3 companies), regiment (3 battalions), division (3 regiments).

I'm designing an emblem that covers the 3rd Marine Division plus the 4th Marine Regiment. Based off of my work for Charlie Company, I was chosen by the higher ups to basically skip battalion and regiment and go straight to division.

So yeah.
F***in' sweet.


Posted by aggimajera - March 3rd, 2017

So there I was... random dude with a rifle in the middle of the desert hatin' life. This random dude decided to draw some sh** in a binder paper notebook because why not. We head back to base camp and I keep drawing, someone notices me drawing, word gets passed up all the way to the top of my company next thing you know "Aguilera! You're drawing the Company T-shirt designs! Get to it!"

So here you go! The front and back logo's for a T-Shirt to be worn by all of my current company. 4 Platoon of guys will be rockin' these puppies, designed by me.

I haven't uploaded anything recently because I've been working on these to accomade my Chain of Commands requests. They caught me drawing pictures out in the Mojave Desert and picked my to draw the Company t-shirt. All because little ol' Aguilera was drawing while he was bored in the desert.

Anyway, I'll resume my regular drawing schedule soon. God I can't wait to see these in person!4595397_148859215641_Designs.png


Posted by aggimajera - November 26th, 2016

My question to any voice actor here who see's this and actually takes a moment to respond. If you did then my thanks to you!

I'm still drawing a lot on my spare time. But sometimes I find myself messing around with voices and audio files. I decided that maybe I want to give voice acting a small try on Newgrounds, hopefully get an oppurtunity to voice in some videos!

My question is this: any suggestions on how I begin? What should I provide in a demo reel that might up my chances of a video maker looking at me?

Any and all advice is appreciated!


Posted by aggimajera - October 6th, 2016

A while back I entered animation class in an attempt to learn more about the art and actively engage in a class I felt genuinely drawn to. While I was in there I met a girl who was an impressionably talented artist. Her work was truly stellar. So stellar in fact that I requested a commission of of her to draw a character of mine. I offered to pay her. She agreed. However, her backlog was packed and although I had gotten to know her, she couldn't back out of previous engagements. Of course, I understood.

Then a thought crossed my brain: why the f*** am I asking another person to draw something that I created? Why not just work on my own drawing skills? Then I don't need to ask permission or request commissions from anybody. I just need to think of it. Then the only limit was my own skill.

So I worked ever since to improve my drawing skills. To elevate my game.
And it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

I look at some things I made in recent weeks and compare it to where I was a year ago. Back when I made Crestfallen. And the difference is night and day. My decisions to learn anatomy and the contours of the human body took my people drawing skills on a plane I could have only dreamed of making a few years ago.

It gives me hope for the future. I look at other artists and again find myself impressed by so many works. And I know that if I continue to push myself, I can enter a new league. And its only up from there.

Random late night f***ing though. I'm tired, but happy with the piece I'm making and just thought I'd share some egotistical thoughs. Night anyone who reads this!


Posted by aggimajera - July 27th, 2016

Still kickin' it with the Marines.

I ended up graduating the School of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion a couple weeks ago and have earned the title of Rifleman. I got stationed in Hawaii with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines and am going to receive further training from my peers who have been in for a while to improve my skill set. There's that!

As for art, I'm still at it! Made a new piece a few days ago to keep my anatomy knowledge fresh in "The Snake Trainer." Once I get further settled in I'll get my computer shipped out here so I can resume drawing and animating. For now I'm confined to pencil, pen, and paper. But I'll manage!

Anyway, aloha and Semper Fidelis.