Lets help one another!

2014-04-30 22:06:10 by aggimajera

I found it fun to go to the under judgement list and just give each of the 5 movies I watched a review.
A review goes a long way for the average user. Show some support for everyone! :D


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2014-04-30 22:17:22

nice hollowbody guitar

aggimajera responds:

Thanks man!


2014-05-01 00:44:35

This is now NG can be revived.

aggimajera responds:

You'd think with a points incentive more people would do it, huh?
Oh well, individual users do what they can.


2014-05-01 04:48:16

Great :D! I haven't reviewed that many movies, but lately I've tied to review every audio track I come over. Great to see there are other people who does this with movies and games :).
Keep it up :D. It really helps the community.